RC10F6 Factory Team Kit
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Marke:LRP / HPI / AE

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Full-scale Formula racing is considered one of the most elite forms of racing in existence, with technology and looks off the chart. The engineers behind the doors of Area 51 put maximum effort into the design of the RC10F6 FT kit to make sure the same could be said about their scaled-down version.

With a full cast of setting options, an ultra-low center of mass, and sleek styling, the RC10F6 FT is designed to put you at the front of the Formula grid. With an increase in entries greater than any class at the highly contested ETS series, Formula is growing at a rapid rate. All aspects of the RC10F6 FT were considered and optimized to make sure it would stand above its competition. Performance, adjustability, durability, and style were weighed heavily, and the RC10F6 FT kit shows its hand with a complete package of adjustments and options right out of the box.

From front to back, with graphite control arms, the fully adjustable front end, the ultra-smooth rear pivot, and wings styled after current full-scale Formula rulings, no corner was left untouched. At an affordable price point, the RC10F6 FT comes with everything to assure you will be at the front of the pack. With such a well-balanced platform, it´s easy to see that the RC10F6 FT kit is another Champion by Design from Team Associated!


2.5mm graphite chassis for optimized flex characteristics
Front and rear wings modeled after 2017 Formula rules included
FOX Genuine Kashima Coat center shock for minimal friction and extended wear
Chassis design allows for multiple battery configurations
New center pivot design for optimized rear pod assembly
Lightweight graphite axle for increased durability and rigidity
Differential thrust bearing assembly for smooth action and extended life between rebuilds
Rear axle accepts all standard spur gears without adapter
Two steering bellcrank options for fine tuning Ackermann and steering rate
Servo mounts can be switched from "fixed" to "floating" to allow more flex in the front of the chassis
Integrated droop posts for adjusting droop without disassembly

Power Source: Electric
Terrain: On-Road
Body Style: F1
Scale Size: 1:10 Scale
Assembly Level: Kit
Length: 432.5mm
Width: varies
Wheelbase: varies
Weight: 345g
Drive: 2WD

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